Prerequisites for Kitefoilboarding

As kitefoilboarding becomes more popular we are getting more inquiries for lessons and equipment. Also many people ask us what are the prerequisites for kitefoilboarding. So the best advice we give is get some practice on a directional board first. If you have never ridden a directional (surfboard), then get a lesson on how to ride a directional. The kitefoilboard is a fundamentally a directional board and needs to be “Jibed”. So you will need to learn how to do foot change transitions, and also it is good to have a very strong toe side technique. If you do not already know how to ride toe-side, then again get a lesson from us, or go out and and practice. The third skill that is recommended is good one-handed kite control. learn how to ride with one hand, and be able to steer a power-stroke, and sheet in and out with one hand. The final skill is optional but very helpful when using smaller kites, this is the “kiteloop”. Not a jumping kiteloop, but the basic kite downloop. Sometimes when riding foilboards underpowered with small kites it is very useful to be able to do a down-loop.  All of these skills can be learned and taught separately in our lessons.

Strength training and a little bit of yoga will help prepare your body for the demands of foilboarding, and a lot of isometric strength training, deep knee bends. lunges, squats,  because good ankle, calf and quad strength is required. Also some cardio strength is needed as learning to kitefoilboard can be extremely physical. learning to “foil” is just like learning to kiteboard, all over again.