Long or short term clinic?
You can chose between the following options:
  • 5 days in a row
  • 3 times 2 days (mostly during week-ends, 2+1.5+1.5 days of activities).
Clinic Topics details:
Riding skill improvement: 
  • Tricks theory (piloting sequence, timing, body positioning, speed)
  • Visualization
  • Practice (progressive steps, trial and error, completion and repetition for improvement)
  • Debriefing (self-evaluation, coaching, video debriefing)
  • Observation (watching video, observing other riders)
Down-winder organization and riding:
  • Checking the weather
  • Assessing the course, landing location and retreat possibilities on the way down
  • How to organize the group (rider levels, who is the last rider, how to communicate)
  • Practice
Safety, rescue: 
  • Self-rescue
  • Other rider’s board recovery
  • Rider recovery while body dragging
  • Safety systems assessment and testing
Equipment care and adjustment:
  • General adjustment (line length, bridles symmetry)
  • Adjustments according to the body
  • Adjustments according to the trick performed
  • Basic fix tricks (bladders, board, kite skin)
  • Footpad angle and width
Warm up and stretching: 
  • Specific kiteboarder’s warm up (with video for home practice and learning)
  • Specific kiteboarder’s stretching guide (perform better and avoid long term injuries)
  Other topic possibilities:
  • Aerodynamic basics
  • Meteorology
  • On-demand tricks
Who’s the Kiteboard Coach?
A Kiteboard Coach is an IKO Instructor Level 2 with an excellent riding level and at least 800 teaching hours, who received training to perform assessment of kiteboarders’ riding skills and help them progress by setting a progression path and the related exercises. The Kiteboard Coach is also a cool guy who likes his job and to be around people who share his passion for Kiteboarding. Some Coaches are or were professional riders.
What does Kiteboarder Master Clinic cost?
The KMC pricing varies depending on the extra services and local living costs. Consult the training calendar.
I want to be a Kiteboard Master Too!
  • Create a personal account. It is free!
  • Chose the destination of your choice. Kiteboard Master Clinics are exclusively planned in an IKO Approved Center with an IKO Kiteboard Coach.
  • Apply as Kiteboard Master to get the course contents to help you prepare. It is easy.  Go to the training calendar to find a place that will host a KMC. Then, book it directly with the Organizer.
As a Kiteboard Master, enjoy exclusive benefits:
As benefit, a KMC Organizer commits to creating each kiteboard Master an IKO membership.
The Kiteboard Master membership* will be active before the end of the KMC with the following benefits:
  • Kiteboard Master Clinic introduction manual online
  • Kiteboard Master Clinic manual (hard copy provided by the IKO approved center)
  • Access to a special kiteboarder warm up video
  • Personalized Prime card (Kiteboard Master level certification, on a plastic card, sent by IKO directly to you after your clinic)
  • Your kiteboard Master Tags (Exclusive epoxy stickers sent by IKO directly to you after your clinic)
  • Access to online educational videos.
*Your Kiteboard Master membership duration is one year